As the founder of a mentoring app that deals with highly talented individuals everyday, I can appreciate the immense scope of talent that lies within the Outback Creative collective. These artists really are masters of their craft and to get my hands on one of their products was an exciting opportunity.

Rupert Ballinger, 2020 - Founder and CEO of Wundar.

As a small family owned creative enterprise ourselves we like to develop close relationships with our stockists, suppliers and vendors. Although we have only recently joined Outback Gifts we have found them to be very personable and responsive to feedback. 

Overwrought Garden Art, 2020 - Vendor on our platform

An inspiring curation of Australian artists brought together by passion and authentic Australian art. I feel privileged to be included in this beautiful collection. This book is a timeless gift to be treasured.

Amanda Brooks, 2020 - Famous contemporary nature & wildlife artist, (also an Outback Creative member).

These gifts, particularly the book, bring colour and life back to the bush, right when we need it most! Love this brand!

Mick Gould, 2020 - Season 6: Married at first sight

There might be a drought going on in outback Australia, but there’s no drought of talent here! 

L.B. Humphries, 2020 - Win News Anchorman

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