Makarrata's Journey Men's Polo - Outback Creative Gifts
Makarrata's Journey Men's Polo - Outback Creative Gifts
Makarrata's Journey Men's Polo - Outback Creative Gifts
Makarrata's Journey Men's Polo - Outback Creative Gifts

Makarrata's Journey Men's Polo

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Our Men's Polo's provide a straight/classic fit - pair them with your favourite jeans for a casual look or chinos if you're going for a smart casual vibe. Made for comfort they are light and breathable. This style is also great for women who prefer a more relaxed fit. 


Makarrata is a Yolngu word describing a process of conflict resolution, peacemaking and justice (peace after a dispute). The term Makarrata has long been proposed as an alternative name for the treaty process in this country.

In this piece the people represent all the nationalities that make up Australia today and within the people the wording Voice, Treaty, Truth.

“A voice for the first nations people to be included in the decision making at the highest level of Government in Australia”

“Treaties to be made with the first nations people to right the wrongs in the past and to move forward together”

“Truth is the sharing of Australia’s true history towards the first nations people through all educational levels. Acknowledgement and inclusion of culture and langue and lore of the first nations people.

The circle represents the coming together and moving forward of all Australia after the three core elements are attended too and resolved.

The orange paths with the wording Makarrata represents the journey of the Treaty process that is still ongoing today.

The green designs is the land of Australia land and the blue design is the water that surrounds this great country. 

Artist: BW Tribal

100% Breathable QuickDry 145gms Polyester
Light, smooth and comfortable with anti-sweat properties. 

New + Improved Sizing Our New + Improved Unisex sizing provides a little more room and length for a better fit! Please check your measurements below to find your recommended size! 

XS+ 51 - 53 71 12 - 14
S+ 54 - 56 73 14 - 16
M+ 56 - 58 75 16 - 18
L+ 58 - 60 76 18 - 20
XL+ 60 - 62 78 20 - 22
2XL+ 63 - 65 80 22 - 24
3XL+ 66 - 68 82 24 - 26
4XL+ 68 - 70 84 26 -28
5XL+ 71 - 73 86 28 - 30
6XL+ 74 - 76 89 30 - 32
7XL+ 81 - 83 92 32 - 34



1/2 CHEST: Measure from left armpit to right armpit.
LENGTH: The full length of the garment starting from the top of your shoulder.
WOMENS APPROX SIZE: For a loose and comfortable fit. For women wanting a more fitted look we recommend ordering our Women's Polos.