Pendant | My Country | Tarisse King - Outback Creative Gifts
Pendant | My Country | Tarisse King - Outback Creative Gifts
Pendant | My Country | Tarisse King - Outback Creative Gifts

Pendant | My Country | Tarisse King

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Code: ASGJ-TK-20002

Artist: Tarisse King

Title: My Country

Medium: Nickel Silver, 14ct White Gold Plate

Size: 25mm

Year: 2020


Driven to map the country around Katherine, where her ancestors once walked, Tarisse depicts land formations such as rivers, rock holes, billabongs, shelters, tracks and food sources.  In this series, Tarisse visually explores the way her ancestors interacted and lived with the environment.

Tarisse composes traditional Aboriginal iconography in sharp white lines, circles, arcs and dots often upon a single colour canvas to create a bold aesthetic that has a foot in the contemporary art aesthetic and the traditional.  Song lines that ancestors once walked run across the canvas in different directions, the spaces created by this are filled with concentric circles representing different family clans or ‘life forces’, symbols for food and shelter.  Well balanced, the canvas has a graphic look and a contemporary feel, indicative of Tarisse’s ability to make the ancient appear new.

Tarisse King

In Adelaide South Australia, Tarisse King was born on September 4th 1986. She is older sister to artist Sarrita King and daughter of renowned influential indigenous artist, the late William King Jungala. Tarisse grew up in the raw and confronting landscapes around Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory.  They were the influences she couldn’t ignore and coupled with the guiding insights provided by her father and his people, she saw the importance of art and representing our grand and wonderful country and its spirit so that all can ‘see’ where we live. The journeys between Katherine where her father lived, and Darwin were long, arduous, isolated, dusty and simultaneously beautiful. 

At the age of 16 Tarisse moved to Adelaide where she began to paint – her ideas, influences, experiences, history and culture combined to produce in her a style that was not only illustrative of ancient culture but demonstrative of a contemporary hopefulness.