Story of Gelam Tie - Outback Creative Gifts
Story of Gelam Tie - Outback Creative Gifts
Story of Gelam Tie - Outback Creative Gifts

Story of Gelam Tie

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For the first time, BW Tribal is proud to announce our brand new smooth and classy neck tie range! Available now in unique Aboriginal designs.


Story of Gelam was a boy who lived in the Torres Strait known as Moa Island. He would go out everyday hunting for small birds with his bow & arrow.

He would bring the birds home and keep the fat birds for himself & give his Mother the lean birds. His Mother noticed this and decided to teach him a lesson.

The next day she dressed up as a dogai by covering herself in the mud. She scared Gelam so much he dropped his bow and arrow and ran home. That night he noticed his Mother had mud behind her ears & he realised she had played a trick on him. He was so upset that the next day he carved a canoe in the shape of a dugong, gathered up fruits & seeds & soil & set off with the tide. His Mother saw him in the canoe & began to cry. Gelam drifted with the tide crying along the way, until he reached the top of the The Great Barrier Reef. As far away from his Mother as he could. Still today when you travel to the Torres Strait flying over Centrals Islands, some of them look like the tears of Gelam. And Murray Island looks like the shape of a dugong in the horizon.

Artist: Rion Savage


Product Size

L 1420mm x W 95mm


Lightweight Silk Polyester